Barge Operations Supervisor

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Job Title: Barge Operations Supervisor
Location: U.S. Gulf Region
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We are a highly safe, environmentally responsible, efficient, and customer service oriented company in the marine services business.  We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations, maintain a good standard of living for our employees, and improve the communities in which we live and operate.

As a result of our strategic focus on safety, environmental protection, and customer service, Harley Marine continues to be one of the fastest growing marine transportation businesses and leading providers of marine transportation services. 

Harley Marine Services, Inc. (HMS) is an equal opportunity employer and a drug-free work place.  HMS companies have established an outstanding reputation for quality. When looking at the success of a company, one cannot help but also acknowledge the employees. When people feel valued, they produce valuable work; when you are committed to them, they will be committed to you. These are the principles used at HMS. HMS is gifted with a wealth of talented individuals who have extensive experience in the field. Their experience and commitment serve as great driving forces to meeting the mission statement. 


As Barge Operations Supervisor you will be responsible for shoreside tankerman activities, training, transfer inspections, audits, evaluations and assignments.


The job responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

- Day to Day supervision of all Harley Marine Gulf crewed and shoreside tankerman activities during transfer operations and provide continuous on the job training.

- Routinely conducting transfer inspections and audits of all Texas and Louisiana barge operations and tankerman.

- Conduct initial tankerman skills review and yearly performance evaluations, and be a lead in the hiring process of potential new tankerman.

- Directly supervise complicated or sensitive transfer operations at the direction of the General Managers or HMS Director of Barge Operations.

- Arrange and conduct scheduled tankerman meetings and training sessions.

- Be able to work closely with HMS team members to ensure a safe, efficient, and reliable operation.

- Participate in the development of new programs, policies, and procedures to enhance the quality of our operation.

- Submit weekly operational reports to HMS Director of Barge Operations.

- Cover barge scheduling as needed.

- Work closely with Shore side maintenance to insure barges are properly maintained.

- Travel to extended operations throughout the Midwestern River System.

- Other duties as assigned.


- Must be able to communicate in English and effectively direct workers in assigning jobs and seeing them through to completion.

- Must be able to train assigned workers.

- Must be able to fairly evaluate subordinates.

- Must be able to understand and use information in cargo information cards and material safety data sheets.


- Must be able to read, speak, and understand English over telephone and/or radio.


- Must be able to perform the functions set forth in the attached job analysis and be physically fit enough to pull heavy lines/hoses, lift, carry heavy items, climb onto barges and up and down ladders, and bending and twisting during boat/barge tie up.


- Air purifying respirator, Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), air monitoring equipment, hearing protection, VHF radio, hand tools, tow lines, high level alarms and thermometer.

- Operates diesel engines, cargo pumps, hydraulic booms, cargo gear, gate valves, and butterfly valves.


- Exposure to all weather conditions (rain, ice, snow, heat, wind, heavy seas, etc.)
- Ability to adapt to a variety of schedules and hours.

- Able to work weekends, holidays, and at night. Willing to take call outs.
- Must not be afraid of heights.

- Valid state drivers license.


- Must have at least 10 years of tank barge experience with a minimum of 5 years in the ship bunkering service.


- Must have a USCG Issued MMD with an endorsement of Barge DL PIC-Must have a good working knowledge of all State and Federal regulatory compliance regarding the transfer and carriage of petroleum products over water.

- Must be able to provide leadership and direction to tankerman under his direction

- Microsoft Word /Excel skills.

- Must possess a high degree of management communications oral and written

- Must be a self motivator and be able to motivate others.

- Must be able to maintain direction and composure under extreme conditions and meet established goals and objectives.


- As assigned by HMS Director of Barge Operations.


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