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tug boat

Tug boat

Tug boats are very powerful and very manoeuvring boats, serving to guide, to pull, to push the big boats entering and going out harbours, they help them in particular, during the operations of accosting. Nowadays, tug boats are less and less used because the towing was replaced by the "pushing" technique. And "tug boats" become "push boats".

pilot boat

Pilot boat

The pilot boat or pilotine is a fast boat which is used to transport the pilot (somebody who knows well the harbour and who is specialized in harbour operations) aboard the ships which arrive or leave the harbour. They are fast boats and capable of navigating at open sea in all weathers. They must also be stable to facilitate the transfer of the pilot.



We call dredging the operation which consists in taking materials of the sea floor, either to exploit them (marine aggregates), or to realize works for harbour engineering (digging of ponds or channels, or maintenance to clear them of sediments which accumulated and decrease the depth in it). Dregders can put down materials extracted directly on board or in a barge nearby.