November 2, 2004

ABS to standardize on IntelliShip ship design software

ABS, a leading ship classification society, is standardizing on the IntelliShip(TM) multi-discipline ship design software, the Process, Power & Marine division of Intergraph Corporation (NASDAQ:INGR - News) announced today.

Intergraph claims that Intelliship "is the most advanced shipbuilding design software offered in two decades." It says it is "our next generation, data-centric, rule-driven solution for streamlining shipbuilding design processes while preserving existing data and making it more usable/re-usable. IntelliShip is a complementary, full-suite solution that provides all the capabilities needed to design and build a ship."

A multi-year, renewable contract includes 40 licenses of IntelliShip for use in ABS engineering offices worldwide. IntelliShip will integrate with the ABS classification rules and finite element analysis systems, resulting in significantly greater efficiencies in the classification process, says Intergraph/

Global implementation of IntelliShip enables ABS to dramatically reduce modeling time. IntelliShip helps eliminate many iterative and manual tasks, automating data transfer to ABS analysis programs.

IntelliShip improves the overall ship design, certification, construction and commissioning process. Shipyards using IntelliShip can readily transfer the ship model to the classification society, eliminating redundant modeling and reducing errors. All authorized users have secure access to accurate, current engineering information, which streamlines work processes and can result in faster classification approvals.

"ABS currently provides customers with a 3D structural product model for their SafeHull vessels. The modeling is done using an AutoCAD-based, in-house system. Significantly, we expect to reduce our overall modeling time by several orders of magnitude by using IntelliShip," said Gary Latin, CIO and senior vice president, ABS. "IntelliShip will also allow greater efficiencies for our classification activities. Through this new relationship, ABS will have the most advanced modeling tool that will allow our engineers to be more responsive to our client needs."

The Intergraph IntelliShip ( knowledge-based, integrated 3D modeling and 2D engineering software streamlines shipbuilding, appreciably lowering manpower and material costs and significantly reducing overall outlays and schedules. The multidiscipline, lifecycle toolset addresses conceptual and detail design of ships and components, plan approval, production planning, manufacturing, construction and risk management. IntelliShip supports data re-use, global worksharing, configuration and lifecycle data management, cost optimization and business system integration. Providing secure access to engineering data, IntelliShip is also the hub of a shared repository for all ship design, construction and lifecycle management information. For accelerating design, fabrication, procurement and construction schedules, IntelliShip eliminates many of the sequential dependencies of the traditional, outmoded and heavily-customized CAD-based design process.


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