October 5, 2004

New radar series from SAMlRadarpilot 1100 title=

SAM Electronics, Hamburg, Germany, has introduced the Radarpilot 1100 series of 9, 12 and 16-inch radars with TFT (thin film transistor) displays.

Capable of automatic or manual tracking of 50 ARPA or AIS targets and merging of correlated data from both, systems are available in a wide range of console or desktop formats; all are trackball-operated with an optional provision for keyboards.

Featuring advanced clutter suppression using a clean sweep process supported by an automatic video enhancement facility, or AVE, systems include a switchable antenna revolution for high-speed applications as well as an integrated two-way radar interswitch.

Other main features comprise a supplementary Radarscope window display facility for presentation of additional information such as depth and wind profiles, AIS data and docking maneuvers derived from a novel docking function with which berthing positions can be fixed and monitored relative to distance and speed at ranges of 250 and 500 m.

Ancillary functions include display of pre-planned routes, storage of event data on a diskette, direct recording of radar images to a Debeg 4300 VDR, and support for AIS operation in combination with a Debeg 4300 UAIS. There is also provision for transfer of own-chart user objects from a Chartpilot 1100 Ecdis in addition to a remote access option for wing operation to master via up to four slave stations.

Claimed to be "characterized by exceptional ease of operation and maintenance," the Radarpilot 1100 Series can also be utilized for automatic steering and track control when incorporated as part of SAM Electronics' new NACOS 5 range of integrated navigation command systems.


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