August 9, 2004

SeaWave launches Navseries

SeaWave NavSeriesThe SeaWave NavSeriesis a cost effective voice and data communications system with built in satellite, cellular and GPS modems that ensure reliable and economical voice and data communications--all for $3,199.

The NavSeries harnesses SeaWave's proprietary Throughput Technology Software (TTS) to enhance transmission speeds and make communications a more land-like experience. 

The NavSeries utilizes the global satellite service of Iridium and combines it with the economical coastal coverage of cellular (GSM).  As a vessel moves out of inexpensive cellular range the NavSeries will seamlessly continue data transmission over satellite.

"There is NO software to load on your PC," says SeaWave, "the NavSeries is easier to set up than a VCR.  Just plug your computer into the back of the NavSeries, attach a standard telephone and mount the 'soda can' sized antennas and you are ready to begin sending and receiving voice and data calls. "

The NavSeries can be utilized as a stand-alone device or easily installed as a network. 

"Airtime price-per-minute is just one consideration in a cost effective communications solution. The NavSeries provides additional cost saving applications not found in any other system," said Lawrence Zevon, SeaWave Technical Product Manager.  "For example, the NavSeries informs you when messages are waiting on shore. You can auto-schedule connects based on the size of messages, number of messages, time between connects and more.  No other communications solution offers global voice and a host of data services including email, weather, vessel tracking, new mail notification, connect scheduling, account billing tools and free land-based access." Zevon added, "SeaWave's mission is to improve service and to make the most efficient use of bandwidth available."  


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