June 10, 2004

Heerema adopts sophisticated security system

The Maritime Solutions group of Ingersoll-Rand Security and Safety Solutions is to develop an integrated access-control security system with global remote-monitoring capabilities for three offshore construction vessels operated by Heerema Marine Contractors Nederland B.V (HMC), based in Leiden, the Netherlands.

The project is the first global, integrated access-control security system installation to be developed for a ship operator in the offshore oil and gas industry.

The system will remotely connect several Ingersoll-Rand security and safety technologies to be installed on the vessels to HMC's central information-technology operations in Leiden. From this central office, HMC will be able to monitor all critical access points as well as the movements of up to 2,500 crewmembers.

HMC is developing the system to enhance its vessels' security and safety and to comply with ISPS requirements.

"HMC is proud of its leadership in implementing a highly reliable security and safety systems in the offshore construction industry," says HMC's Captain Arie Lievaart. "To help us meet the stringent ISPS security regulations and enhance the security of our vessels and crew members, we conducted a comprehensive search to find a security system provider that could consolidate the operational processes of our vessels within our overall security infrastructure."

"Ingersoll-Rand's innovative approach to integrating security systems with other business processes was the only method that we could identify that we expect to enable us to improve our security and safety as well as operate more efficiently," he added.

The IR security system will feature:

  • Access-control database software installation and integration. IR Security and Safety Solutions' Maritime Solutions group will install, integrate and optimize all technologies as one integrated system managed through a common information-technology platform. IR Security and Safety also is providing and installing approximately 40 access-control readers. The system, which will be used to generate, manage and store data on crewmembers, will enable HMC to produce various reports on its crewmembers, such as lists of passport expirations and the blood type of each crewmember for use in medical emergencies.

  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) cards for up to approximately 2,500 employees. The cards use proximity and radio-frequency technologies to facilitate unfettered access by authorized personnel to restricted areas, such as each vessel's gangway. The cards also can be used to produce real-time "mustering" reports for tracking the location of each crew member in an emergency evacuation.

  • Real-time monitoring systems. If an unauthorized individual attempted to access a restricted area, an audio alarm would instantly activate onboard the vessel.

"For years, Ingersoll-Rand has demonstrated its leadership in integrating its mechanical, electronic, biometric and software security and safety technologies as comprehensive facility-wide systems for corporations, government agencies and other facilities with critical security requirements," said Jim Ligotti, vice president, maritime solutions, for Ingersoll-Rand Security and Safety Solutions. "Furthermore, Ingersoll-Rand is one of the only companies in the world today that can develop and service on a global scale the kind of installation we are implementing for HMC.

"Through our engagement with HMC, we expect to reveal why our security integration method is precisely the kind of approach that maritime companies need to fulfill the challenging security needs that are unique to their industry."

Ligotti added that Ingersoll-Rand's Dresser-Rand energy-conversion and Thermo King transport climate-control technology businesses have long enjoyed business relationships with leading maritime companies.

"Dresser-Rand and Thermo King continue to be invaluable sources of insight into how we at Ingersoll-Rand Security and Safety Solutions can best fulfill the needs of vessel and port operators."