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July 8, 2002

TCA 77

The TCA (TurboCharger Axial) is the newest turbocharger from MAN B&W Diesel. The first production turbocharger in this series is the TCA77, but additional frame sizes are also available, from the TCA33 to the TCA99.

The TCA series will replace the well-known NA series and combines a higher power output with lower production and running costs.

"The TCA turbocharger will set new standards in both performance and serviceability." says Rolf Studte, head of the turbocharger division, "and the statistics prove it."

Supercharged engine output per turbocharger in kW
Type Two-stroke engines
Specific air consumption=8.5 kg/kWh
Four-stroke engines
Specific air consumption=6.5kg/kWh
TCA 33 2,800 – 4,300
TCA 44 4,100 – 6,200
TCA55 4,400 – 8,200 5,800 – 10,800
TCA66 6,200 – 11,600 8,200 – 15,200
TCA77 8,800 – 16,400 11,500 – 21,500
TCA88 12,400 – 23,300 16,300 – 30,300
TCA99 18,700 – 31,300

The TCA turbocharger increases the7S50MC-C with TCA 77 turbocharger engine output considerably, and the efficiency is more than 68% for all turbochargers on engines with a bore above 50 cm. The TCA series meets all environmental noise requirements as it only reaches 105 dBA even at top speed.

A TCA77 turbocharger has been sucessfully installed on a 7S50MC-C two-stroke engine, one of MAN B&W Diesel's popular two-stroke MC engines, 340 units of the S50MC-C type are on order or in service.

This engine and the new turbocharger were recently presented to selected guests at MAN B&W Diesel in Frederikshavn, Denmark, and will be installed in a 37,500 dwt chemical tanker being built for Norwegian owner JO Tankers at Kleven Florø Shipyard, Norway.