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May 2, 2002


Jotun A/S (Jotun ) and NOF Kansai Marine Coatings Co., Ltd (NKM) signed an agreeement in Oslo this week. It will see the two companies form the SeaStar Alliance to serve the world marine and offshore coating market.

At the signing, Jotun group executive VP Peder Bohlin, for Jotun and Kansai Paint managing director Shoju Kobayashi said that, with more than one fifth of the global marine coatings market, "the SeaStar Alliance is an exciting new development in the industry, and will offer major benefits for its customers no less than for its participants".

NKM is a joint venture between Kansai Paint Co., Ltd and BASF/NOF Coatings Co.,Ltd - all major players in the international coatings industry. This joint venture, presently services more than 20% of the considerable Japanese market for marine coatings. Jotun is a leading participant in the marine coatings throughout Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Korea, China, Australia and the Americas with a marketshare close to 20%.

The SeaStar Alliance will give customers access to what's claimed to be "the world's largest single-supplier range of advanced coatings."

These products include Takata Quantum and SeaQuantum TBT-free selfpolishing antifoulings, offering shipowners fuel saving benefits and a claimed 5-years trading free from fouling.

In the effort to replicate, in TBT-free products, the predictable fouling control offered by TBT-containg self-polishing antifoulings, NOF has provided groundbreaking development of silyl-based copolymers which serve as the cornerstone for NOF's Takata Quantum and Jotun's Sea Quantum antifoulings.

These products, it is claimed, remain the most advanced tin-free antifouling currently available, and offer a performance equal to that of tin-containing products for up to five years.

Also in the SeaStar line up will be Jotun's Balloxy and Jotamastic 87 surface tolerant epoxy coatings, and NKM's New Forte DX ballast tank repair coating, for application over existing coatings - even coal tar - to give an upgrade to epoxy standard of performance without problems of delamination and bleed through.. The SeaStar Alliance is also unique among major coating manufacturers in being involved in Jotun's design and manufacture of cathodic protection systems, so that users can benefit from the advantages of a single supplier for complete corrosion protection for hulls and ballast tanks.

SeaStar customers in Japan and Taiwan will join those already benefiting from Jotun's long-acclaimed customer support and product service network. SeaStar alliance will include Jotun companies in over 50 countries world wide, with production plants in more than 20. This global presence will ensure that products and support services are readily available wherever a ship is being built or dry-docked, backed by the SeaStar Alliance's Coatings Advisors who are all FROSIO (The Norwegian professional council for education of Inspectors for surface treatment) or NACE (National associating corrosion engineers) approved, or have similar accreditations.