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April 25, 2002

One of the largest shipyards in southeast Asia, PAL Indonesia, has purchased the entire Tribon Shipbuilding system for design and production of ships at its yard in Surabaya.

PAL Indonesia has chosen to implement the complete hull and outfitting applications of the Tribon system to increase the yard’s automatiion and efficiency.

PAL Indonesia has more than twenty years of experience in designing, engineering and building commercial and naval ships. Its output includes passenger ships, tankers, bulk carriers, container ships, corvettes and fast patrol boats. The shipyard is equipped with modern panel lines, plasma cutting machines, and with a fully automated pipe bending and welding machine.

PAL Indonesia has also signed up for the Internet service that links together shipyards, maritime equipment suppliers and ship owners in a comprehensive global network.

Dr. Ir Adwin H. Suryohadiprojo, President Director PAL Indonesia, comments:

"By implementing the Tribon system we will be part of the Tribon infrastructure giving us increased opportunities to co-operate with more shipyards, as many shipbuilders world-wide are Tribon users. It will be easier for us to buy and sell ship designs made in Tribon. Our flexibility will increase as it will be easier for us to hire designers trained in Tribon, and furthermore we can easily outsource design tasks as many design engineering offices are using Tribon."