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April 15, 2002

Leading propulsion equipment manufacturer Thrustmaster of Texas, Inc., has taken buying tunnel thrusters into the 21st Century. It is publishing its pricing, as well as sizing information and other pertinent data, on its website (

"We have given customers in the market for tunnel thrusters a 'one-stop' location where they can obtain all the information they need to make an educated choice," said Joe R. Bekker, president. "On our site, they can find everything they need to determine the correct dimensions, thrust requirements, flow rates and horsepower for their particular thruster. We've also taken the additional step of publishing our prices online so the buyers know exactly what to expect. No other thruster company currently publishes its prices online."

In addition to prices and sizing information, the site also includes detailed engineering drawings of many different sizes of thrusters and articles on thruster selection, noise reduction, installation tips, and hydraulic power systems and controls.

The site also allows users to enter in all of their pertinent information once they have determined the thruster they need and to submit everything with the click of a mouse.

Special discounts are offered for shipyards, hydraulic equipment distributors, and multiple unit orders.

"We've always been ahead of the technology curve with our thrusters," said Bekker. "Now we're just taking it one step further with online pricing."

Founded almost 20 years ago in Houston, Texas,Thrustmaster of Texas, Inc. was It is the largest manufacturer of hydraulic thrusters in the United States. All design, engineering, and manufacturing is done in Thrustmaster's 6-acre, 55,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located on Houston's Northwest side.