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April 14, 2003

Transas has commercially released the stand-alone version of the new-generation software product, Navi-Conning 3000. The product is designed to process parameters supplied from external sources of information via different interfaces and to convert data from one digital format to another one.

Navi-Conning 3000 allows information from various external sensors to be presented on a single display.

The standard panel layout of Navi-Conning 3000 permits indicators for such systems and parameters as wind, depth, anchor, navigational lights; course, speed and rudder state; route, time, position, revolutions per minute (rpm), and engines. The parameters can be received from a Navi-Sailor electronic chart system that is capable of transmitting processed sensor data via a local area network (LAN); any information sensors transmitting digital data using NMEA protocol, or a Conning Box, which is a dedicated device for processing and transmitting analog sensor data, also supplied by Transas.

A distinctive features of the Navi-Conning 3000 is its flexible screen view layout. According to the customer’s request, the indicators can be supplemented, removed or re-arranged within the basic screen view. It is also possible to create a new screen view combining operation of the Navi-Conning 3000 and Navi-Sailor on a single screen.

Navi-Conning 3000 provides a highly informative tool for situation analysis and decision-making. In combination with other Transas products such as Navi-Sailor electronic chart system and Navi-Radar 3000, Navi-Conning 3000 builds a highly cost-effective, smart mini-IBS (Integrated Bridge System) solution.