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April 4, 2002


International Coatings Ltd., part of the Akzo Nobel group, has introduced two new marine maintenance products:

  • Intershield® 803, an abrasion resistant, anticorrosive coating and
  • Interbond® 808 Aluminum, a surface tolerant, seawater ballast tank coating.

Intershield® 803 : Cargo holds are the revenue earning spaces of a bulk carrier and the structural integrity of these vessel areas which is vital to the continuing profitability and safe operation of the ship.

Abrasion-resistant cargo hold coatings defend against corrosion and facilitate its, management. The coatings use a number of defense mechanisms, singly or in combination. The most common--barrier protection--places of an effective barrier between the abrasive or corrosive environment and the substrate.

When subjected to abrasion, a high performance barrier coating must be tough enough to resist mechanical damage, so minimizing exposure of the underlying substrate to the cargo hold environment.

Intershield® 803 has been specifically designed to provide excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance (though International cautions that "it is unlikely that polymer-based coating systems will ever be developed to totally resist all forms of cargo hold abrasion"), good cohesive and adhesive strength and good resistance to underfilm corrosion creep.

Intershield® 803 is compatible with surface preparation standard Sa2 ( ISO 8501 – 1:1998, SSPC-SP6 ) which is practically achievable in cargo holds. This is a particularly important feature for operators of older vessels. Typically applied as a two coat system in cargo holds, Intershield® 803 offers the following key features:

  • excellent abrasion resistance
  • rapid attainment of mechanical properties, even at low temperatures
    ( >10°C )
  • can be applied to surfaces prepared to Sa2 ( vessel area dependent
  • FDA compliant
  • certified for the carriage of grain
  • smooth surface 222g/lt VOC compliant (EPA method no. 24)
  • tar free
  • aromatic amine free

Intershield® 803 may also be applied to protect critical outer hull vessel areas including the underwater hull, boottop and topsides.

Interbond® 808 Aluminum: In seawater ballast tanks, where physical factors combine to make on board refurbishment or repair difficult ( e.g. corrosion, pitting, existing coatings, restricted access and damp, humid conditions ), surface preparation, coatings application and subsequent in service performance can, almost inevitably, be compromised.

For these on board projects the use of specifically designed surface and damp tolerant anticorrosive coatings is especially recommended.

Interbond® 808 Aluminium is a practical refurbishment and repair coating suitable for use in seawater ballast tanks, cofferdams, void spaces, wet spaces, bilges and crude oil tanks. Interbond® 808 Aluminium provides high levels of corrosion protection and, in addition, the unique combination of adhesion promoters and special surfactants maintains performance on compromised substrates. Applied as a single coat* (or as a two coat* system in combination with Interbond 808 Buff ), Interbond® 808 Aluminium offers the following key features:

  • high levels of corrosion protection
  • surface tolerance
  • damp tolerance
  • light color
  • tar free
  • high build
  • one coat application capable ( Interbond 808 Aluminum )
  • 179g/lt VOC compliant (EPA method no. 24)
  • rapid sea water ballast loading
  • DNV B1 classification
  • epoxy technology

* plus stripe coats in line with good painting practice