March 6, 2002


SeaWave LLC, a wireless communications company serving the maritime industry, today released its newest maritime communications software, SeaWave Navigator Version 1.1. SeaWave Navigator is a low-cost, user-friendly communications solution, providing Internet e-mail, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) color weather charts, NOAA text weather forecasts, and other communication services to professional mariners.

SeaWave Navigator is the software component of SeaWave's marine communications system, which utilizes high frequency (HF) radio technology to securely transmit digital data to vessels at sea. SeaWave Navigator employs standard Single Sideband (SSB) hardware and does not require specialized and expensive equipment.

The Windows-based, point-and-click software is designed for computer users at all experience levels. Each member of a vessels crew and passengers can be given an individual account with administrator assigned permissions, allowing administrators to track usage and to budget communications spending. By streamlining functions, SeaWave Navigator reduces vessel administration to a minimum.

SeaWave Navigator 1.1 takes advantage of recent improvements in back-end technology and robust programming code. Combined with a clean graphical user interface and the utilization of Microsoft Windows conventions, SeaWave Navigator is "an exceptional product for marine communications," says Mark Witsaman, VP technology and development, SeaWave LLC.

SeaWave Navigator sends and receives text and data as a true Internet e-mail message. Each SeaWave customer has a specific Internet e-mail address assigned to them, enabling them to receive messages from any person using any e-mail software. Likewise, SeaWave customers can send messages to any Internet e-mail address anywhere in the world. This contrasts with short-message-services (SMS) and text-message services that are often referred to as e-mail. SeaWave e-mail uses the standard Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), operates a mail server residing on the Internet, and uses the standard convention of

SeaWave Navigator Version 1.1 offers text and color weather forecasts to all users. Quick to obtain and easy to understand, these forecasts are derived from accurate and current NOAA weather data. SeaWaves ability to send low-cost, high-resolution, color forecasts provides mariners with a service unparalleled in marine communications. SeaWave delivers this information at a standard cost, enabling users to easily and accurately budget their vessels weather forecast schedule.

Pricing and Availability*
Transmission charges are billed in data increments, at a rate of $0.30 (US) per first kilobit and $0.075 (US) per quarter kilobit thereafter. The SeaWave Communications System is $1,495.00 (US) and includes: the SeaWave Digital Communications Modem and SeaWave Navigator Version 1.1; Installation and User Manual; and required cables. The one-time activation fee is $275.00 (US).

System Requirements
SeaWave Navigator 1.1 operates on Windows 98, NT, 2000, and XP and requires the following: SeaWave Navigator 1.1 software and SeaWave Communications System hardware; compatible marine SSB Radio; 133 MHz or higher Pentium-compatible CPU; minimum 256 MB of RAM (server), minimum 128 MB RAM (workstations); 1 GB available hard drive space; CD-ROM drive; VGA or higher resolution monitor with screen resolution set to 1024x768 or 800x600 pixels; keyboard; mouse; Web browser, such as IE5 or higher; COM 1 Port for modem; LAN connection to the server (workstations).

About SeaWave
SeaWave is an FCC-licensed common carrier, bringing land-based digital communications to ocean-going vessels. SeaWave offers two-way Internet e-mail, full-color graphic weather charts, text weather forecasts, and other information services to private, government, and commercial vessels. For more information, visit the SeaWave LLC website at