December 4, 2003

GE offers emissions technology for own and EMD diesels

GE Marine & Stationary Power (M&SP), headquartered in Erie, Pa., is now offering enhanced emissions and engine technology not only for GE medium speed diesels but also for GM EMD diesels engine products. These improvements meet MARPOL and EPA Marine Tier 1 compliance guidelines, M&SP says.

GE is not an authorized EMD distributor, nor is otherwise associated or affiliated with EMD. However, GE does represent that its replacement parts, components, subsystems and services are compatible with and usable on EMD Marine & Stationary engines.

"We understand that one of the biggest issues our customers face are the increasingly stringent environmental emissions standards both in the United States and abroad," said John Manison, manager of GE Marine & Stationary Power, speaking at this week's Workboat Show. "Keeping this issue in the forefront was the impetus behind the substantial investment GE made to find environmentally-friendly emissions solutions that do not sacrifice the performance of the diesel engines and parts we manufacture and sell."

GE's 7FDM engine model, 8, 12 and 16 cylinder engines are in the power ranges of 1,600 brake horsepower (bhp)/1,193 kilowatts (kW) to 4,500 bhp/3,355 kW. The high compression, Electronic Fuel Injected (EFI) engines recently received ABS certification. In addition, they meet current MARPOL and EPA Marine Tier 1 emissions requirements, with NOx below 8.6 grams per horsepower-hour (g/hp-hr).

According to Manison, "A big advantage for our customers is, that since these engines will meet EPA Marine Tier II compliance which goes into effect in 2007, there are no concerns now regarding future emissions requirements."

A recent example of a project that uses GE's new EFI engines is with Washington State Ferries. Each ferry used two GE diesel engines that had been operating for over 23 years. To date, GE has repowered four vessels, each with two, new 12-cylinder EFI GE Diesel engines. Two additional ferries will be repowered by mid-2004. These environmentally friendly engines -- which are MARPOL and ABS compliant -- provide numerous benefits including increased fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and reduced operating costs.

GE has also developed emissions kit for the EMD 645 E7B, E7C and F7B turbocharged 12, 16 and 20 cylinder engines. By employing these kits, it is claimed, a 2% improvement in fuel consumption for the 12 cylinder EMD engine can be realized, and no fuel loss occurs with the 16 and 20 cylinder engines. "No other company we know of offers the same advantage as GE for these EMD engines, because with our emissions technology there is no impact on fuel consumption, reliability, maintainability and serviceability of these EMD engines," said Manison.

In addition, when upgraded with GE's emissions kits, these engines can meet MARPOL and EPA MARPOL Tier 1 emissions compliance guidelines, with NOx below 8.6 g/hp-hr.

Added Manison, "By purchasing GE's retrofit kits today, customers can improve their bottom line while getting a jump on meeting the emissions requirements of the future!"

Through a GE M&SP service center, two EMD 645 engines used by Port Jefferson ferry in the metropolitan New York area were brought into MARPOL compliance using GE's emissions kits as part of a new vessel build. The EMD engines had been operating for 10 years on another vessel. The rebuilt engines were brought into MARPOL compliance with GE's EMD emissions kits, offering the customer no increase in fuel consumption.

Other GE customers will soon install these kits. For instance, American Commercial Barge Line LLC (ACBL) will install the kits on two EMD 16-cylinder 645 E7B 3,100 horsepower (hp) engines used to power the M/V Judi. This 6,200-hp, lower Mississippi river vessel will be the first inland waterway vessel to employ the new GE emission kits. ACBL has plans to outfit the rest of its EMD fleet with GE MARPOL/EPA Marine Tier 1 emission kits.

Alter Barge will use the emissions kits on two 12-cylinder EMD engines aboard the MV Phyllis.

The MARPOL/EPA Tier 1 emissions kits can be installed by GE's network of distributors and service centers.