October 17, 2003

Flexi Tube

Cutting stern tube installation time

Flexi TubeUntil now, most stern tube solutions have been designed and constructed in roughly the same way, but now a new technological breakthrough is being claimed: the patented SKV Flexi Tube.

Skandiaverken AB, a Swedish marine engine spare parts company, has acquired the patented technology and production facilities for the system. A new subsidiary, Skandiaverken Flexi Tube AB located in Torslanda, Gothenburg, Sweden, has been formed in order to further develop, market and manufacture the SKV FlexiTube.

The SKV Flexi Tube is said to requires less preparation work for designers and shipyards.

The installation is quick and accurate, maintenance time and cost are reduced once the ship is in operation.

Skandiaverken says that by using the latest technology the SKV Flexi Tube is accurately aligned, reducing transferring of vibrations and bearing wear caused by misalignment.

The alignment is secured by the SKV Flexi Tube being integrally cast in an epoxy resin using a specially designed and patented sealing package and a filling method that gives complete filling without air pockets.

The SKV Flexi Tube is a stress free installation since it is fastened only in the aft boss.

The SKV Flexi Tube is not welded to the ship structure since a patented axial flexibility of the forward boss allows thermal expansion while in operation.

Under the guidance of experienced installation supervisors, says Skandiaverken, the installation can take hours instead of a week or more, required when using traditional methods. At the time of installation this solution can compensate for a deviation of 5mm in the bosses, which gives a perfect alignment with the propeller shaft.

The SKV Flexi Tube is said to be suitable to use with the leading types of shaft seals available on the market.

The SKV Flexi Tube is designed for different types of vessels, twin screw as well as single screw. Around 100 units have been supplied so far with demand steadily increasing.

The SKV Flexi Tube is offered as a true turnkey solution: Including design, delivery of a complete stern tube, supplied with bearings, monitoring system with interchangeable temperature sensors and oil sampling, patented sealing package for sealing off epoxy resin, special features for a quick and smooth installation, classification approval of drawings as well as for the manufactured SKV Flexi Tube and a guaranteed supervised installation.

In order to design a customized SKV Flexi Tube, the only required information is; type of hull, calculated stern tube length and diameter of propeller shaft. The design can be done separately or directly in the hull drawings. The drawings, which are quickly prepared, will allow the shipyard ample time to prepare, manufacture and install the aft and forward bosses, which is the only preparation work the yard has to undertake. Thanks to the built-in-properties of the SKV Flexi Tube the requirements for welding has been eliminated to a minimum, which is an advantage both for installation and operational purposes.

Quite simply, says Skandiaverken, by using the SKV Flexi Tube a great deal of work is already done, both on the drawing board and at the shipyard.

For more information email info@skvflexi.se