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January 10. 2003

Sales successes for water lubricated bearing systems

Thordon Bearings has recently supplied COMPAC water lubricated propeller shaft bearing systems for a number of commercial newbuild and conversion vessels.

COMPAC, Thordon's high performance water lubricated bearing system for blue water operation, is designed for smooth start-up and long bearing wear life. Stern tube oil is eliminated, as seawater is used to lubricate and cool the bearings making COMPAC the best choice for a simple, reliable and totally pollution free propeller shaft bearing system.

Gypsum Transportation of Bermuda has equipped its innovative, environmentally friendly 49,270 dwt bulk carrier, Gypsum Centennial, with pollution-free Thordon COMPAC propeller shaft bearings.

John McMillan, Technical Director for Beltship Management, managers of Gypsum Transportation vessels, commented, "The vessel design was specified to meet the LRS EP (Environmental Protection) designation, as Gypsum Transportation wanted to have a completely environmentally friendly vessel."

"As the vessel's trading route from Nova Scotia, Canada to ports along the U.S. eastern seaboard takes it through environmentally sensitive fishing areas," McMillan noted, "we wanted to eliminate any risk of leaking stern tube oil so we specified water lubricated propeller shaft bearings. The builder, Hyundai Mipo in Korea, and the propulsion system supplier, John Crane-Lips of the Netherlands, proposed Thordon COMPAC and we approved their recommendation. To date, we are very happy with the performance of the COMPAC bearings in Gypsum Centennial."

Flinter Group of the Netherlands has also specified Thordon COMPAC propeller shaft bearings for three 8,850 dwt versatile multi-purpose dry cargo/container vessels, Flintersun, Flinterstar and Flintersky being built at Shipyard Ferus Smit, Leer in the Netherlands. John Crane-Lips supplied the COMPAC bearings as part of their propulsion system.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has ordered Thordon COMPAC for two new cruise ships being built for Princess Cruises at the Nagasaki Shipyard in Japan. These two 110,000+ ton ships will be slightly larger than the "Grand" class ships currently being built by Fincantieri in Italy and are scheduled for delivery in July 2003 and May 2004. Star Princess, delivered by Fincantieri of Italy in January 2002 at the Monfalcone yard has also been fitted with Thordon COMPAC. Star Princess follows Grand Princess (1998), Golden Princess (2001) into service with Thordon COMPAC. A fourth vessel is scheduled for delivery in May 2004.

Thordon 737 mm (29 in.) COMPAC bearings were specified for the Italian Grimaldi Group's two new 8000 dwt, 3000 passenger, twin screw fast ferries, La Superba and La Suprema. Built by Nuovi Cantieri Apuania in Italy, the 67,000 kW (91,000 HP), La Superba is currently in service and La Suprema has recently completed sea trials and will be going into service shortly.

COMPAC's success story has even extended to Aristotle Onassis' fabulous former yacht, Christina O, where President John F. Kennedy first met Winston Churchill. Christina O has been refurbished at Victor Lenac Shipyard in Croatia. As part of the ship's most extensive restoration ever, the 99m (325 ft.) yacht now has pollution-free COMPAC propeller shaft bearings.

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