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August 11, 2008

Perdido spar heads for deepwater

Shell and co-owners BP and Chevron are one step closer to bringing new energy resources to the United States. On Aug. 8, 2008, the Perdido Regional Development Spar departed Ingleside, Texas, on its way to its final work site, Alaminos Canyon Block 857, in the ultra deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

The spar will be towed 160 nautical miles over an approximately three-day period. Once on site, it will be upended-- rotated from a horizontal to a vertical floating position--then, it will be secured by nine polyester / chain mooring lines to the seafloor anchor piles, which are already installed on site. All this is happening in approximately 8,000 feet of water, making Perdido the world's deepest oil and gas spar production facility. It will provide production processing for three fields: Great White, Silvertip and Tobago. Perdido will be capable of delivering 130,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (100,000 barrels of oil and 200 million cubic feet of gas per day).

Perdido is scheduled to begin production around the turn of the decade.

Construction of the spar began in November 2006 at the Technip construction yard in Pori, Finland. On May 27, 2008, the spar sailed from Finland. It arrived at the Kiewit Offshore Services fabrication yard in Ingleside on June 19.

Shell worked with Technip and Kiewit to perform final outfitting of the spar in preparation for offshore installation. This work primarily included floating the spar off of the Mighty Servant 1 transport vessel; removing all seafastening and floatation tanks; and installing the remaining strakes, anodes and installation aids.

Kiewit also holds the contract to construct and fabricate the Perdido topsides facility, which includes the production equipment, drilling rig and the living quarters. Topsides construction began in March 2007 and continues today. The topsides will be mated with the spar in a single lift in early 2009. Once completed, the steel spar structure will be nearly as tall as the Eiffel Tower.

Shell is 35% owner/operator of Perdido. Other partner ownership percentages are: Chevron (37.5%) and BP (27.5%).

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