Marine Log

September 25, 2006

DHS announces $168 million in port security grants

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) today announced a number of grants under the Infrastructure Protection Program (IPP),

More than $168 million will be provided for port security grants to "create sustainable, risk-based efforts for the protection of critical port infrastructure from terrorism."

Fifty out of 100 eligible ports contained on the United States Coast GuardŐs most critical seaport list, plus one additional port not contained on that list but that was eligible in 2005, will receive funding for projects to enhance security measures at critical port facilities. The ports were grouped into four tiers, with Tier 1 representing the highest risk to Tier 4 representing the lowest risk.

Funding was awarded for specific projects within each port area based on that portŐs relative risk and the relationship of each project to identified port security priorities.

These 101 eligible seaports handle 95 percent of the foreign waterborne commerce of the United States. The list was developed by the Coast Guard using commercial, demographic and geographic data from various sources.

You can see a listing of all of the FY2006 IPP Grants--including the Port Security Grants--here:

The big winner is the Port of New York and New Jersey, which receives $25.7 million compared with $6.6 million last year.