Marine Log

September 21, 2006

Chouest eyes tanker construction

Edison Chouest Offshore is looking at the possibility of building products tankers or shuttle tankers.

The Galliano, Louisiana, based company is to build a third yard--LAShip--in the port of Houma, La, reports the Thibodeaux, La., Daily Comet. The company owns 144 acres adjacent to the port on Dickson Road, where the Houma Navigation Canal and Munson Slip intersect. The new yard will be located on a little more than 20 acres of land the company has donated to the port.

The project is being helped by a $65 million interest-free loan under the Gulf Opportunity Zone Act, a federal program designed to aid and promote development in areas affected by last year’s hurricanes.

The Daily Comet story quotes Roger White, Edison Chouest Offshore senior vice president, as saying that the company’s average offshore vessel size ranges between 87 and 378 feet, the new shipyard will allow construction of vessels averaging 400 feet--and up.

White is quoted as saying that the size of the shipyard is also important because it would allow the company to manufacture product tankers or shuttle tankers, a relatively new product for the company, which can be over 700 foot long.

White said the shipyard would be complete in about a year.

Hiring permanent workers, which will include welders, fitters and other skilled workers for the shipyard, will begin early in 2007, even if the yard is still under construction.

"The beauty of a shipyard is that you can build a ship while you are building the yard; the two things happen simultaneously,” Lonnie Thibodeaux, Edison Chouest Offshore’s director of corporate communications is reported as saying