Marine Log

Fincantieri patrol ship for Iraq

September 15, 2006

Fincantieri to build patrol vessels for Iraq

Fincantieri has been awarded an order worth over 80 million Euros ($101.3 million) for the construction of four patrol ships for the Iraqi navy.

The ships are to be delivered by the first half of 2009, with an interval of three months between each.

The contract, which includesr the provision of logistical support and training, was concluded 'thanks to considerable collaboration on the part of the Italian defense and foreign affairs ministries via the embassy in Baghdad."

The ships will form the the central nucleus of the Iraqi fleet of patrol vessels and will carry out surveillance in the Exclusive Economic Zone, search and rescue operations, inspection boardings of ships in transit, and firefighting operations.

The ships are based on the Fincantieri Diciotti class delivered to the Italian Coast Guard and the Maltese armed forces.

The P-61 Diciotti class patrol vessel delivered to Malta is a 54 m, 450-tonne craft capable of a maximum speed of 20 knots and with an unrefueled range of over 3,000 nautical miles.

The ships will be built under the supervision of the Italian Naval register (RINA) in accordance with stringent international standards regarding issues of security and respect for the environment.

Fincantieri will also supply the systems and components, for propulsion (Isotta Fraschini V1716T2MSD 2,360 kW engines, shaft lines and variable pitch propellers), power generation (Isotta Fraschini L1306T3ME 220 kW generators) and stabilizers.