Marine Log

October 17, 2006

Patti to build Quarters Barge

Patti Shipyards, Penscola, Fla. reports it is to build a welded steel Quarters Barge, to be named TAGGATZ, for the St. Paul District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Patti Shipyards says the barge will be contracted through the Corps of Engineers - Marine Design Center in Philadelphia, Pa. Jensen Maritime Consultants is currently preparing the Detailed Design documents.

The yard expects to cut steel around the first of next year with delivery to Fountain City, Wis in February 2008.

The primary mission of the new barge will be to provide living quarters as well as galley, mess, and recreational facilities for a crew of 40 persons from the Dredge plant GOETZ working on upper Mississippi River dredging projects.

During the operating season, generally from May to November, the barge will be towed to each job site along with other dredge plant. Crew and workers will be aboard during the tow.

At the job sites, the barge will be moored outside the navigation channel.

Service will be in the fresh waters of the upper Mississippi River and its tributaries.

During the operating season, the barge will be subjected to the normal northern ranges of heat, humidity, and precipitation. During the early spring and late fall, the barge will operate in freezing weather.

The barge will winter in the upper Mississippi. It will be idled with full electric power and complete support services. The barge will be manned during the winter and some crew may

Principal dimensions are:

Length Overall 160 feet 0 inches
Length Between Perpendiculars 146 feet 10 inches
Beam (molded) 39 feet 4.75 inches
Depth at side (molded) 11 feet 6 inches
Depth on centerline (molded) 11 feet 6 inches