Marine Log

October 4, 2006

ACL starts fast-track training program

American Commercial Lines Inc. (Nasdaq: ACLI) is to offer the first Inland River Pre-License Steersman training program in partnership with Northeast Maritime Institute of Fairhaven, Mass.

On August 31, 2006, the U S. Coast Guard approved the new Inland River Pre-Steersman training program. This program can shorten the total time of license eligibility for Apprentice Mate (the first stage in the licensing process of a professional mariner) by approximately 50%. The program includes classroom, simulator and sea time.

The new program will initially be offered only to ACL employees.

ACL and Northeast Maritime Institute are currently working on the next phase of the program which may further shorten the remaining licensing period.

The end result will be that a person who is new to the industry could achieve the rank of Full Mate in approximately 30-36 months, a 50% reduction in the current five to six year licensing period.

Michael J. Monahan, ACL's Senior VP, Transportation Services said the new programwill enable us to attract new employees and fast-track advancement as they become future leaders on our vessels. Our safety and training programs are unmatched in the industry. We are committed to our employees and customers to establishing a leadership position in the transportation industry."