Marine Log

October 3, 2006

Defense Authorization Act has significant maritime provisions

Congress has now passed the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007. The 1090 page bill is now headed to the White House for signature--complete with a number of significant maritime provisions.

They cover such things as the levels of foreign work permissible in Jones Act vessels, further restrictions on foreign maintenance personnel "riding" U.S.-flag vessels if those vessels are carrying DoD cargoes and various measures affecting the Maritime Security Program.

Another provision of the act relaxes some of the restrictions on U.S. citizenship requirements for unlicensed crew of U.S.-flagged large passenger vessels.

Winston & Strawn has published a very helpful briefing explaining the various maritime provisions of the act--including discussion of a couple that "wound up on the cutting room floor."

You can access the briefing here:

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