Marine Log

November 10, 2006

USCG approves E.N. Bisso & Son security plans

E. N. Bisso & Son, Inc., Metairie. La. says it has become the only company providing ship assist services on the Lower Mississippi River to have Coast Guard approved security plans."

"Harbor tugs are generally exempt from the requirement to have security plans," says Executive Vice President William McDonald. "However, because our customers are required to have Port State Security Plans in place, and those plans require security vetting of service providers, we decided to make it easy for ship, tug/barge and facility operators to ensure our compliance with maritime security requirements."

The United States Coast Guard has completed its review of the company's security plans and its compliance inspections of the company's tugs. William Summers, the company's Vice President, Operations, noted that all the on board inspections were very thorough and professional and that no discrepancies were identified.

Summers says that development of acceptable company and vessel security plans involved all company employees. "Our shore staff, as well as tug officers and crew members, provided input. Employees went through hours of training and testing to ensure their understanding of the security plans. Drills were, and continue to be conducted as security is not just a one-time event."