Marine Log

Ulstein P101

May 23, 2006

Olympic orders large subsea vessel from Ulstein

Norway's Ulstein Verft AS and Olympic Shipping AS have signed a contract covering construction of a further Ulstein P101 large, multifunctional subsea vessel, designed by Ulstein Design AS.

Olympic contracted a similar vessel in early 2006.

This is the third ULSTEIN P101 ordered from Ulstein Design.

It is a large, multifunctional subsea vessel that can also be used as a supply ship.

The ship can carry out seabottom operations worldwide and, with its ice class (ICE-C), is well suited for operating in arctic waters such as the Barents Sea.

The vessel is 95 meters long, 20.5 meters wide and accommodates 87 people.

It will be equipped with a ROV launching arrangement (Remote Operated Vehicle - minisub) and a helideck. It will also be prepared for installation of a large, heave compensated crane.