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January 30, 2006

New DF engine from MAN B&W

The MAN B&W Diesel Group is launching a new four-stroke engine onto the market.

Available in power ranges from 6,000 to 18,000 kW, the new 51/60 DF (dual fuel) is currently the largest four-stroke gas engine on the market.

As well as burning both gas and MDO (Marine Diesel Oil), it can also run long-term on pure HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil).

This flexibility meets and even exceeds all requirements from the marine as well as the stationary market, says MAN B&W.

The 51/60DF (Dual Fuel) engine is based on the well-known 48/60B range, tried and tested in both marine and stationary applications.

Its technology incorporates the experience that MAN B&W Diesel has gained over decades of working with smaller dual-fuel engines, most recently with the 32/40DF range.

The 51/60DF is to be incorporated in all its versions into the MAN B&W Diesel product portfolio in a spectrum ranging from the 6-cylinder in-line engine to the 18-cylinder V-engine.

A special common rail pilot oil injection system makes the engine exceptionally environmentally friendly.

The available engine power ranges from 6,000 to 18,000 kW. Being the most powerful dual-fuel four-stroke engine in its class, the 51/60DF is not only aimed at the LNG tanker market, but is also ideal for base load electricity generation in power stations with a good gas connection.

After extensive tests on the test bed, the first series-produced engines will be dispatched from mid-2007.