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January 18, 2006

Queen Mary 2 returns to port

Cunard's Queen Mary 2 returned to Port Everglades yesterday after the captain reported the ship had experienced a noise and unusual vibration in the engine room at approximately 1:50 p.m. five miles outside of the port.

The captain told the Coast Guard there was reason to believe the ship may have struck a submerged object.

Bridge instruments indicated a problem with one of the ship's four propulsion motors.

A Captain of the Port Order was issued by the Coast Guard requiring the Queen Mary 2 to use tug-boats to assist in returning to port.

A Coast Guard statement issued yesterday said the vessel will be required to remain at the pier until the Coast Guard determines if the vessels and its passengers are safe. There have been no reports of injury or pollution as this time. The cause of the noise and vibration are not known at this time.

The BBC reports a Cunard spokesman as saying that "the passengers are still on board and divers are going down to inspect the pod."

Queen Mary 2 is equipped with two fixed and two azimuthing Mermaid podded drives.