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January 11, 2006

GL introduces cargo tank coating notation

Corrosion is one of the decisive factors influencing service life and profitability of ships, especially tankers.

Classification society Germanischer Lloyd has issued rules for corrosion protection in crude oil tanks and has introduced a special class notation "CARGO TANK COATING."

The notation clearly defines the coating details, including specification of where and how to coat, surface preparation as well as the surveying process.

Over time, the condition of the corrosion protection is checked on and reported on. When repairs are required, consultancy is offered, and the necessary works are carried out under the supervision of a GL surveyor.

The new rules are available now on the Internet at > Client Support > Rules & Guidelines > VI Additional Rules and Guidelines, Part 9, Chapter 6 Guidelines for Corrosion Protection and Coating Systems

A printed edition can be ordered from Germanischer Lloyd Forms & Rules, Mr. Gerd Bettenworth, Vorsetzen 35, 20459 Hamburg, Phone +49 40 36149-467, Telefax +49 40 36149-166,