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January 5, 2006

No-fee OPA 90 stand-by coverage
Donjon-SMIT, LLC, says it is now offering no-fee OPA 90 standby coverage for salvage, firefighting and lightering. The majority of OPA-90 salvage, firefighting and lightering service providers charge a fee, ranging as high as $650 per vessel per year for this type of coverage, particularly for tank vessels. Donjon-SMIT says it offers free standby coverage for all vessels both tank and non-tank.

This new no cost approach by Donjon-SMIT is based on the operational capabilities of the company, its longstanding expertise, usage of own equipment and access to additional resources necessary for effective and timely response to all kinds of casualties.

Donjon-SMIT was created in 2004 by marine salvage and casualty response companies Donjon Marine Co., Inc. (Hillside, N.J.) and SMIT Salvage Americas (Houston), in a joint venture intended specifically to provide compliance and response services as required by OPA-90.

Donjon-SMIT says that a number of U.S. government authorities have full confidence in the companies as evidenced by the award of U.S. Navy salvage contracts to both during the past 25 years and an unprecedented track record of accomplishment in U.S. salvage response (e.g. Selendang Ayu, Bow Mariner, Barge 125, Ehime Maru, Thunder Horse, response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and many others).

Additionally, SMIT's Research and development in the field of salvage has resulted in Donjon-SMIT's access to a number of technological innovations essential in preventing environmental damage.

Donjon-SMIT's strategically located partners--Foss Maritime (West Coast) and Moran (East Coast) -- support the company's offer of the best coverage in the industry. Both the Great Lakes area and the various U.S. islands (Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, etc.) are covered using the same approach. Donjon-SMIT works with Cudd Well Control as its strategic response partner for firefighting.

"We are very pleased to offer this no cost, standby coverage to our clients and prospective customers," said Hendrik ten Hoeve, General Manager, SMIT Salvage Americas, Inc. "

Donjon-SMIT's more than 200 years of combined experience between the two companies allows us to pass cost savings on to our customers," said John Witte, Jr., Executive Vice President, Donjon Marine Co., Inc.