February 15, 2006

First HHI HiMSEN H17/28 gensets delivered

While Hyundai Heavy Industries is the world's largest producer of marine diesel engines, most of its production is under license. However, it also offers its own line of HiMSEN engines and has now has delivered the first three sets of 5H17/28 diesel generating sets ordered by Turkey's Kaptanoglu group.

HHI introduced a new model of 4-stroke HiMSEN H17/28 diesel engines in December 2004 and announced an order of 9 sets of 5H17/28 gensets from the Turkish shipbuilder at the same time. The three recently delivered gensets are part of that order. The other six will be delivered later in the year.

The H17/28 is the third model in HHIÕs own brand of HiMSEN engines developed in-house.

The engine has a 170 mm bore and a stroke of 280 mm, producing 120 kW per cylinder.

It has a speed of 900 to 1,000 revolutions, producing 575--960 kW--the lowest output capacity of the three engine models within the HiMSEN line.

The engine measures 5.5 m in length, 2. 2m in height, 1.2 m in width, and weighs17 ton in weight. It has eight(8) cylinders and its propulsion equals that of ten(10) mid-size cars.

HiMSEN engine has been certified from several classification societies since HHI launched its first model.

HHI claims that its "overall capability including output, durability, fuel efficiency, vibration and noise is superior to its competitors" and says that "HiMSEN is also notable for its practicality including ease of maintenance."