MT 6016 L

February 14, 2006

Kleven book order for multifunction ROV support vessel

Kleven Verft, Ulsteinvik, Norway has signed a contract with Siem Offshore Inc for the building of a Multifunctional ROV Support Vessel (MRSV).

The contract is worth NOK 317 million (about $46.6 million) and is for an MT 6016 L design vessel, developed in close cooperation between the owner and the yard and designed by the Norwegian designer Marin Teknikk.

The vessel is 103.7 meters long, with a beam of 19.70 meters, and will have a deck area in excess of 1,100 sq.m.

The vessel will be designated for sub sea market work world wide, with a focus on light construction work, maintenance and ROV services.

It will be able to accommodate up to 100 persons and will be equipped with a high capacity crane and launch and recovery systems for ROVs (Remote Operated Vehicles).