Marine Log

USCG Photograph

December 28, 2006

USCG monitors listing liftboat

The Coast Guard reported today that it is monitoring a liftboat listing to one side about 70 miles south of Gibson, La.

A liftboat is a self-elevating, self-propelled boat used for various tasks such as crane operations, pipe laying and construction.

The Coast Guard was notified at about 2:15 a.m. today that the liftboat Juan, owned and operated by Montco Offshore Inc. in Galliano, La., was listing to its starboard side during jack-up procedures. All six crew members were safely evacuated from the boat.

Initially, the boat was listing at 10 degrees, and at the time the Coast Guard issued its report was listing 45 degrees.

No pollution has been reported, and personnel from Coast Guard Marine Safety Office Morgan City, La., are continuing to monitor the situation and will investigate the cause of the incident.

The boat is located on the Outer Continental Shelf in Ship Shoal Block 207, and an overflight is scheduled Friday to better assess and monitor the situation.