Marine Log

December 22, 2006

FERC reg process kills CaroLinks barge plan

A proposal to ease truck congestion by moving cargo by barges from the Port of Charleston, South Carolina, to Lake Marion is reportedly "dead in the water."

Carolina Linkages (or CaroLinks) had been planning to barge an estimated 700 shipping containers a day from Charleston up the Cooper River and into Lake Marion to a distribution hub it plans to develop near Santee.

The journey would take an estimated 24 hours for a tug to tow two barges to the inland transfer station.

Now the Charleston Post and Courier reports CaroLinks as saying it was told by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that it would require permits that would involve "countless open hearings" into the potential impact of a regular barge service on the Cooper River.

The company says the permitting process would be too lengthy and cost too much money.

Read the Post and Courier story here: