Marine Log

August 24, 2006

More about Emma

Emma Maerk, the world's largest container vessel will call Aarhus, Denmark, on Friday 25 August 2006 at 6 am.

Due to a draft of 16 m, the ship is too large to be located at Multiterminalenand will instead be located for fitting at the new quay in extension of Containerterminal East.

This is where the remaining tests and final preparations will take place before the ship is expected to enter Maersk Line service from 7 September 2006.

It will not be possible for the public to go onboard the vessel during her stay in Aarhus and the quay area will be sealed-off.

Maersk has now issued a few more details on the ship:

Emma Maersk is a very large container ship built by Odense Steel Shipyard Ltd. for the A.P. Moller-- Maersk Group. The ship has a capacity of about 11,000 twenty foot containers.

The main particulars are as follows:

Length o.a. 397 m
Beam 56 m
Depth 30 m

M/S Emma Maersk has been built applying the newest technology in design and equipment.

The propulsion machinery is a 14-cylinder Wartsila diesel engine from Doosan Engine Co. developing 110,000 BHP or 80,000 kW at 102 revolutions per minute.

To augment speed the propeller drive shaft is fitted with two electric motors.

Five diesel generators with a combined power of 20,700 kW and one combined gas/steam turbine generator of 8,500 kW driven by the main engine exhaust are installed. A waste heat recovery system is installed to optimise the use of the energy produced.

The bunker fuel tanks are placed away from the outer part of the hull.

In the engine room and cargo holds 8,000 data signals are continuously monitored by an advanced, integrated computer system. This ensures optimal operating conditions automatically giving guidance to ensure a well functioning operation of the vessel.

The center for the integrated computer system is the engine control room. The system can also be remote-controlled from the navigating bridge and from the cargo control room.

M/S Emma Maersk can carry 1,000 forty foot reefer containers.

Quick and safe lashing of the containers on deck is made possible through the yard patented lashing bridge.

The life-saving equipment consists of two 38 persons' lifeboats, six life rafts and one man-over-board boat.

Two bow and two stern thrusters, each with of 25 tons transverse thrust, are fitted to facilitate easy maneuvering in port.

Rolling in adverse weather conditions is reduced by two pairs of active stabilizer fins, thus adding an extra dimension to cargo protection.

The latest radio, telex, telefax, and satellite telephone systems ensure efficient communication to the world.

An air conditioning system gives comfortable indoor temperatures regardless of outside weather. Combined with a low level of noise and vibrations this ensures ideal conditions for both work and leisure.

M/S Emma Maersk is a rational and highly automated ship thoroughly monitored by advanced computer systems. The ship can therefore be operated by a crew of 13 persons only.

Accommodations are arranged for 30 persons.

M/S Emma Maersk is designed and built to meet the highest demands for safe, precise, environmentally friendly and economic transportation of goods all over the world.