Marine Log

MT 6016 L

April 4, 2006

Siem orders second MRSV at Kleven

Kleven Verft, Ulsteinvik, Norway has signed a contract with Siem Offshore Inc for the building of a sophisticated offshore vessel.

The vessel is a Multifunctional ROV Support Vessel (MRSV) of MT 6016 L design, developed in close cooperation between owner and the yard and designed by the Norwegian designer Marin Teknikk.

This is the second vessel ordered from Kleven. Newbuilding no 315, which is an identical vessel, is scheduled for delivery in June 2007

The contract value is NOK 327 million (about US$ 50 million) and it i scheduled for March 2008 delivery..

The vessel is 103.7 meters long, with at beam of 19.70 meters, and will have a deck area in excess of 1,100 sq m.

The vessel will be designated for sub sea market world wide, with focus on light construction work, maintenance and ROV services, and can accommodate up to 100 persons.

The vessel will be equipped with a high capacity crane and launch and recovery systems for ROVs (Remote Operated Vehicles).

The ship will be equipped with a fully integrated advanced diesel electric propulsion system, a KM Dynamic Position system AUTR and DnV class notations for clean and comfort class, prepared for operation world wide.