Marine Log

April 3, 2006

Trico Marine orders PSV

Trico Marine Services, Inc. (Nasdaq: TRMA) says it has entered into an agreement to build a Marin Teknikk Design MT6009 MKII Platform Supply Vessel for a total cost of approximately $25 million.

The vessel will be built by Solstrand AS at its shipyard in Tomrefjord, Norway, with an expected delivery date in the fourth quarter of 2007.

As part of the agreement, Trico will have the option to purchase a sister vessel at a later date.

Trico expects to fund construction costs related to this vessel from cash and cash flow from operations.

Trico president and CEO Trevor Turbidy said: "We are pleased to announce the construction of this vessel, which is consistent with our previously announced strategy of upgrading our fleet in a fiscally responsible manner. We are delighted that Solstrand will be constructing this vessel and we have the utmost confidence in their ability to deliver the vessel on time in the fourth quarter of 2007."

Marin Teknikk desribes the MT 6009 Mk.II as a multipurpose field supply vessel that is a further development of the MT 6009 with one extra deck in the superstructure and covered forecastle deck.

The ship will have a length of 74.9 m, a beam of 16.4 m and a deck area of 684 sq.m. The deadweight will be approx. 3,250 tons.

The ship will have accommodations for 31 persons.

The MT 6009 Mk.II design has a fully integrated diesel-electric propulsion system and a KM Dynamic Positioning system.

The ship is to be built to DNV class notation; +1A1 - E0 - SF, dk(+), hl(2,5), AUTR, LFL*, CLEAN and COMF-V(III). The ship will also get a letter of compliance for Naut OSV.