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March 11, 2005

MAN B&W power for ice-class bulker

Canada's Fednav Limited has selected an MAN B&W 7S70ME-C diesel to power an ice-class bulker on order at Universal Shipbuilding, Japan.

The flexibility of the electronically controlled ME engine in the ice-class version will ensure optimal operational economy and performance in the wide range of operational modes needed for this type of ship, which include ice ramming.

The ME engine allows flexibility in both the high load operation scenario as well as in the low load operation scenario in open water.

This particular vessel also has an integrated exhaust gas by-pass system for extremely cold arctic ambient conditions.

The engine, with an output of 21,770 kW at 91 r/min, drives a CP propeller.

The engine thrust bearing structure has been optimized in order to meet the requirements of the ice breaker ice class Polar 15.

The integrated Alpha Lubricator system, using the Alpha ACC lubrication principle, will further add to the benefits of the reduction in fuel consumption obtained by the ME engine, by reducing cylinder lubricating oil consumption.

The 7S70ME-C engine is to be built by MAN B&W Diesel licensee Hitachi Zosen of Japan. It will be delivered in September of this year to Universal Shipbuilding, where the vessel is under construction for delivery in April 2006.

For lower ice classes, where fixed pitch propellers are often chosen, an ME engine with a "heavy running mode" makes it possible to use a more optimal engine with less excess power than would normally be selected for this type of ship.


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