January 17, 2005

Kinnock to advise BIMCO

Former European Commissioner Neil Kinnock has become BIMCO's advisor on European maritime affairs. He took up his position as EU Liaison Officer for the international shipping organization with effect from January 1, 2005.

Kinnock, who stepped down as Vice President of the European Commission last year, will assist BIMCO in its efforts to create a closer dialogue with Brussels one behalf of its members.

Kinnock is a former leader of Britain's Labour Party. He resigned from that role in 1992 after a general election defeat. He became a European Commissioner in 1995 and Vice President in 1999.

Commenting on Kinnock's appointment, BIMCO President C.C. Tung said that "BIMCO has a positive contribution to make to maritime developments within the EU. As the largest of the international shipping organizations and with membership spanning all aspects of the industry, BIMCO is in a unique position to bring the industry's views and pragmatic solutions to the attention of the relevant authorities."

Kinnock's knowledge and experience, particularly as a past Member of the European Commission responsible for Transport policy, CC added, would "assist BIMCO in its aim of positively engaging in the maritime policy debates in a constructive way and contribute to our own considerable body of knowledge, expertise and experience."


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