January 14, 2005

MAN B&W diesels for OSG LNG ships

Overseas Shipholding Group (OSG) of New York has ordered four 216,000 cubic meter LNG carriers at Korean yards Hyundai and Samsung. Each vessel utilizes two MAN B&W ME engines for main propulsion.

Each yard will deliver two vessels for the Rasgas II project for shipping Qatari gas to the U.K.

Main propulsion in each vesssel will be by two 6S70ME-C engines in each vessel. The engines for the Hyundai vessels will be built by Hyundai Heavy Industries, and for the Samsung vessels by HSD.

The engines will be heavy fuel burning, and the boil off gas will be returned to the tanks via onboard reliquefaction plants.

The ME engine is MAN B&W's latest electronically controlled engine.

With this confirmation, the total of ME engines for LNG carriers is 16 units and the ME engine total is above 130 units, with the number rising daily.

The interest in using the ME-GI engine as an alternative in LNG carriers is also rising. The ME-GI engine is a gas injection, dual fuel low speed diesel engine, which can burn any ratio of fuel and gas desired, depending on the natural--or even forced--boil off gas available, the choice of energy source being dictated by the relative pricing and the owner's preference.


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