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Mega tug will have two stroke engines

February 16, 2005

Two stroke power for mega tug

MAN B&W Diesel A/S, Denmark has been awarded the contract to supply a complete twin-screw low-speed two-stroke propulsion package for a 90 m, 11,000 kW oceanic mega tug boat.

The newbuilding is under construction at Wuchang Shipyard, Wuhan, China for the owner Shanghai Salvage Co. Ltd., which owns a large fleet of various salvage tugs and tug boats.

The newbuilding, which is scheduled to be delivered during April 2006, will be operated by the Hong Kong-based Shen Hua Shipping Company Ltd.

The primary tasks of the SDARI (Shanghai Research and design Institute)-designed vessel will be oceanic towing.

The heavy fuel oil burning propulsion package solution is based on two 8S35MC two-stroke engines, two VBS1080 controllable pitch propellers and an Alphatronic 2000 Propulsion Control System.

The shipment of engines and propulsion equipment from Denmark to China is scheduled to take place between June and August--beginning with the propulsion control equipment--to match the shipyard installation schedule.

Length oa 89.9 m

Length wl 85.9 m

Length pp 80.0 m

Breadth 17.2 m

Draft max 6.8 m

Main engines 2 x MAN B&W Diesel 8S35MC

Output 5920 kW at 173 r/min

Propellers 2 x MAN B&W Diesel VBS1080

Propeller diameter 3,700 mm

Bollard pull 188 tons

Speed 16 knots

Control system MAN B&W Diesel Alphatronic 2000

Classification China Classification Society

Ice class B2

Class notation CSA 5/5 Tug, CSM, AUTO-0, SCM,


Propulsion package particulars:

  • Main engines

    Two MAN B&W Diesel 8S35MC engines, specified for HFO operation, according to the IF180 fuel specification. The total engine output amounts to 2 x 5,920 kW (2 x 8,050 bhp) at 173 r/min.

  • Tunnel gearboxes and alternators

    Two Flender type GUG 1200 gearboxes with a speed ratio of 170:1500 r/min. Each drives an 1160 kW / 1375 KVA shaft alternator via a flexible tooth coupling.

  • Propellers and shafting

    Two MAN B&W Diesel four-bladed CP Propellers with a diameter of 3,700 mm. The propellers are designated VBS1080, with medium-skew propeller blade profiles optimized for nozzle operation with a speed of 170 r/min. The propeller shaftlines each consist of a 17m tail shaft, an ODS oil distribution unit/coupling flange and 3 x 6 m intermediate shafts.

  • Control system

    The Alphatronic 2000 Propulsion Control System, with twin main bridge and control room maneuver stations, includes interfaces to a power management system and a Kongsberg Simrad JoyStick System coordinating the control of propellers, rudders and tunnel thrusters.


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