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September 28, 2006

Wartsila and MHI in strategic alliance

Wartsila Corporation and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd (MHI) have signed an agreement for a strategic alliance in the field of two-stroke diesel engines.

The two companies say that "various possibilities will be explored in research and development as well as in the efficiency of production and distribution of jointly developed two-stroke diesel engines."

The strategic alliance will be led by a Steering Committee. The Chairman of the Steering committee is a representative of Wartsila and the Vice Chairman is a representative of MHI.

Wartsila and MHI both have wide portfolios of low-speed, two-stroke diesel engines. Wartsila's Sulzer RTA and RT-flex engines cover the power range of 5,000 kW to 80,000 kW and MHI's UE engines the range of 1,120 kW to 46,800 kW.

In addition to its own UE engines, MHI has over the years been extensively involved in the building and testing of two-stroke engines designed by Wrtsil.

This agreement is the continuation of the successful joint development of new 50 cm bore two-stroke engines started in 2004.