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September 12, 2006

DHS announces port security grants

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced $141,969,967 in fifth round awards under the Port Security Grant Program (PSGP).

The DHS says the PSGP funds address key national priorities by helping to protect ports against small craft and underwater attacks and vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices. The program also funds measures to enhance explosive detection capabilities aboard passenger vessels and associated facilities.

"These grants provide another layer of security to help protect ports from terrorism, safeguard nearby communities and ensure the uninterrupted flow of global commerce," said Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff.

Recipients were selected through a competitive peer review process using a new risk-based formula weighing threat, vulnerability and consequence.

Consequence considers risks to people, the economy, and national security.

Vulnerability involves factors such as distance from open water, number of port calls, and presence of tankers.

Threat includes credible threats and incidents and vessels of interest information.

The risk formula was developed by subject matter experts who have devoted much of their careers to maritime/port security.

FY05 Port Security Grant Funding by Port Area
Port Area Federal Award Amount, $
Anchorage, AK 56,100.00
Valdez, AK 567,400.00$
Long Beach, CA 12,768,629.00
Los Angeles, CA 11,447,716.86
Oakland, CA 2,887,252.00
San Diego, CA 6,495,819.00
Bridgeport, CT 1,378,000.00
Jacksonville, FL 2,656,000.00
Miami, FL 3,373,260.00
Port Everglades, FL 600,316.00
Tampa, FL 1,676,770.00
Savannah, GA 20,750.00
Louisville, KY 537,761.00
Baton Rouge, LA 162,030.00
Lake Charles, LA 1,050,000.00
New Orleans, LA 2,006,028.50
South Louisiana, LA 1,104,250.00
Boston, MA 177,885.00
Baltimore, MD 1,028,000.00
Portland, ME 1,130,000.00
Wilmington, NC 336,856.50
Camden, NJ 932,000.00
New York/New Jersey 6,616,636.00
Portland, OR 3,047,359.00
Philadelphia, PA 3,610,296.00
Pittsburgh, PA 188,083.00
Providence, RI 1,896,612.75
Charleston, SC 5,863,685.00
Memphis, TN 6,564,498.00
Beaumont, TX 6,091,293.00
Freeport, TX 2,657,000.00
Houston, TX 35,325,116.00
Port Arthur, TX 4,135,135.00
Texas City, TX 5,885,750.00
Seattle, WA 7,298,258.00
Milwaukee, WI 397,422.00
TOTAL 141,969,967.61


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