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Project Protector OPV

September 12, 2006

Wartsila propulsion for Project Protector

Wartsila Corporation has won contracts for propulsion systems for the Royal New Zealand Navy's seven-vessel Project Protector.

The main contractor for the project is Australia's Tenix Defence Pty Ltd, on behalf of the New Zealand Ministry of Defence.

The project is for the supply of seven vessels: a 131 m multi-role vessel (MRV), two 85 m offshore patrol vessels (OPV's) and four 55 m inshore patrol vessels (IPV's). They will be delivered from December 2006 onwards.

The vessels are intended for military and civilian roles in New Zealand's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), in the South Pacific and the Southern Ocean.

As well as serving their military roles, they will conduct tasks for and with NZ Customs, Department of Conservation, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ministry of Fisheries, NZ Maritime Safety Authority and the NZ Police.

The vessels will be used for sea-lifting personnel and cargo, emergency response, and fisheries and customs patrols.

Both the MRV and OPVs will be strengthened to ice class 1C for service in the Ross Sea off Antarctica, and will also carry helicopters.

The MRV will have a Ro-Ro capability with both stern ramp and side door for light armored vehicles and other equipment, and will be equipped with two landing craft.

The 131m-long MRV is being supplied to Tenix by the Merwede Shipyard in the Netherlands. It will be powered by two nine-cylinder in-line Wartsila 32 engines with a combined power output of 9000 kW. Wartsila is also supplying twin Lips 4D1000 controllable-pitch propellers, two Lips CT175H transverse thrusters, one forward and one aft, and Deep Sea Seals sterntube bearings and seals.

The OPV's and IPV's will be constructed at Tenix shipyards in Australia and New Zealand. Wartsila will supply Lips controllable-pitch propellers, shaftlines and Deep Sea Seals sterntube and bulkhead seals. The 85 m-long OPV's will each have two Lips 5C09 propellers and a Lips CT150H bow thruster, along with Deep Sea Seals sterntube seals and bulkhead seals. The 55m-long IPVs will each have two Lips 4D550 propellers and Deep Sea Seals sterntube seals.

Wartsila says major factors in helping it win these contracts were the availability of local support both in Australia and New Zealand, and the excellent through-life cost performance and high reliability of its products.


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