What will be the size of the largest containerships ordered by the end of this year?

10,000 TEU
12,000 TEU
15,000 TEU

September 2, 2005

Tidewater reports no damage to fleet

Offshore services giant Tidewater (NYSE:TDW) says it has not experienced any damage or interruption of service to its fleet of vessels currently serving the offshore oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico.

The company's main operational base in Amelia Louisiana was also unaffected except for power and telephone outages.

Tidewater says it does not expect that the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina will have any material impact on its ability to respond to customer needs or to its ability to fulfill current contract commitments. All international operations of the company should not be affected by these recent events.

The company's main headquarters in New Orleans is inaccessible at this time and may be uninhabitable for the next several months. Operating under its disaster recovery plan, company management will, during this interim period, be located in the company's Houston, Texas offices and other nearby facilities. Other essential headquarters personnel will temporarily work from the Houston or Amelia locations. All inquiries should be processed by contacting the main operator located in Houston at telephone no. 713-954-4875 or in Amelia at 985-631-5820.


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