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LNG newbuild after Intersleek application

September 1, 2005

First Intersleek newbuild in Korea

International Paint has announce the successful completion of the first Intersleek foul release coating application at newbuilding in Korea.

The vessel involved is a 145,700 cu.m LNG carrier scheduled for delivery in October by Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering to Greek operator Maran Gas.

The sides, rudder and propeller of DSME hull number 2228, a 145,700 cbm LNG Carrier scheduled for delivery in October 2005 for Greek operator Maran Gas, were successfully coated with Intersleek during the vessels pre-delivery drydocking.

Intersleek 700 foul release systems do not use biocides to control fouling on the ship's underwater hull. They provide a slippery, low friction surface onto which fouling organisms have difficulty settling. Any that do settle, normally do so only weakly and can usually be easily removed by simple wiping / washing or by the vessel moving through the water at speed. Environmental benefits include no leaching of biocides into the sea, reduced wash water treatment costs at drydock, no restrictions on worldwide application and a lower VOC, <340 g/lt, ( volatile organic content ) than most biocide containing antifoulings.

Performance benefits include control of fuel efficiency and speed, control of maintenance costs, control of coatings system weight (copper free), effective in all waters, excellent colour retention and the surface remains smooth if not subjected to abrasion or mechanical damage.

Prior to the docking, and after a long period of technical consultation with all involved parties, International Paint (Korea) Ltd. (IPK) hosted several "Intersleek Training Classes" to fully prepare the shipyard, contractors and owner personnel for this first application. A small number of guest dignitaries including Naval Architecture Professors from Busan National University were also present but otherwise security at the shipyard was particularly tight.

Mr. O.S. Kang, General Manager, Marine & Protective Coatings, IPK, said, "The success of this application is seen as a potential turning point in overcoming the practical difficulties in applying silicone based coatings at newbuilding. Hopefully this application will herald a new era in shipbuilding and coating methodology".

A spokesman for DSME said, "Even though there were difficulties during the process, we completed the work successfully. DSME has strengthened its competitiveness in LNG newbuildings by meeting owners requirements and applying high technology foul release coatings".

Mr. O.S. Kang added, "Two further LNG's for Maran Gas are to be coated with Intersleek at pre-delivery docking in DSME and, if similarly successful, will ease the way for the growing number of newbuilding owners wanting this very special coating system installed at newbuilding".


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