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October 20, 2005

MAN B&W power for Chinese training ship
6S35MC engine

MAN B&W Diesel A/S, Denmark, is to supply a complete propulsion package, including computer controlled surveillance, for a new 2,250-ton ocean-going training ship for the largest maritime university in China Dalian Maritime University (DMU).

DMU is made up of 12 colleges and four departments and has approximately 15,000 students. Since 1953, DMU has trained over 40,000 highly competent personnel, the majority of whom have become the backbone of the navigation sector.

Zhang Lei of MAN B&W Diesel China says: "The DMU training ship project was started some years ago, with the aim of training the next generation of seafarers. To integrate theory with practice, students will be trained on the ship for about two months after two year's theoretical education in the classroom and will be trained on the ship for another four months before they graduate."

The solution chosen for the propulsion plant is a package that includes an MAN B&W Diesel 6S35MC engine, controlled by an MAN B&W Diesel Alphatronic 2000 control system. This widely respected main engine design will bethe principal source of power for the MAN B&W Diesel controllable pitch (CP) propeller and shaft generator.

Professor Dong from the DMU states, "As a world-renowned maritime university, this is the first time DMU has built a pure training vessel for training crew and scientists. It was important, therefore, that the equipment selected should represent the very latest technology, with a high degree of acceptance in the market."

The 6S35MC main engine will be provided with a PTO power take off (tunnel gear) to drive a shaft generator. To further facilitate the operation of the ship, it will be equipped with a CP propeller that runs at a constant rate of revolutions.

Alpha Lubricators

The engine is equipped with MAN B&W Diesel's electronically controlled Alpha Lubricators.

This system supplies the optimal solution, not only in terms of savings in lube oil costs, but also considers environmental aspects as it has a positive impact on emissions.

The Alpha Lubricators and Alphatronic 2000 control system give the opportunity for engineers to learn about the management and control of the vessel's electronic equipment.

Everything from one maker

The total solution package will be delivered in June 2006 from MAN B&W Diesel in Frederikshavn, Denmark.

To maintain the propulsion plant, DMU has acquired the latest IT technology. The Computer Controlled Surveillance (CoCoS) Maintenance package is MAN B&W Diesel's own in-house system, and has been specifically developed for the surveillance, diagnostics and maintenance of diesel engine plants.

The CoCoS Maintenance system comprises Electronics Spare Part Catalog, Stock Handling and Purchasing, Maintenance Planning and Trace Component Management modules.

The CoCoS Maintenance package has an open infrastructure that not only covers MAN B&W Diesel machinery, but also gives the user the ability to select other equipment to be implemented within the CoCoS Maintenance system.

One advantages of the MAN B&W Diesel CoCoS Maintenance system is that it has been developed with all the required specific engine data already built in. This makes it substantially more attractive than competitor systems, which provide only the software, without the necessary "hard" data.

The packaged solution from MAN B&W Diesel will allow DMU students to become familiar with the most popular equipment in the industry, making them well equipped to deal with scenarios they can expect to be confronted with in future.

Propulsion package particulars:

Main engine: 6S35MC 4,440 kW
Remote Control: Alphatronic 2000
PTO: Tunnel Gearbox model BWIV-S35/GCR650-50
Maintenance system: CoCoS EDS & CoCoS Maintenance

Main particulars of the DMU training vessel:

Loa: 116 m
Lbp: 105 m
Breadth: 18 m
Draft: 5.4 m
Deadweight: 2,250 t
Speed: 17.3 knots
Range: 10,000 miles at 16.7 knots
Crew: 32
Students: 204

Class: The vessel is classed by CCS with unrestricted service area.