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New  Seattle Police Patrol Boat

October 18, 2005

Seattle Police Dpartment gets new patrol boat
emergency response and firefighting presence in Seattle's maritime community.

"Along with law enforcement and firefighting, Patrol 2's mission includes rapid response dive rescue and homeland security interdiction and response," said Lt. David Emerick, commander of the Seattle Police Harbor Patrol Unit. "The addition of Patrol 2 to our fleet of police vessels greatly increases the level of protection for those who live and work along Seattle's waterways and in Elliott Bay."

Built by Kvichak Marime Industries and designed by Jensen Maritime,, the vessel has an overall length of 37 ft 8in and a 13 ft beam.

Patrol 2 is powered by twin Caterpillar C9 engines rated for 567 BHP at 2500 RPM each with Hamilton 322 waterjets for propulsion. The chosen combination provides for excellent maneuverability and a top speed of around 40 knots.

Firefighting equipment on board the vessel includes a Task Force Tips Crossfire monitor with an automatic Master Foam nozzle coupled to a Peerless 5AEF11 pump with a capacity of 1000 gal/min at 150 PSI. In addition, Patrol 2 has a 100-gallon firefighting foam capacity and three hydrants.

The Seattle Police Department dedicated its new patrol boat in honor of Seattle Police Harbor Officer Jackson V. Lone. Lone died in the line of duty while responding to a call on the Lake Union Waterway on March 16, 2005.