How long will it take Gulf Coast shipyards to return to pre-Katrina activity levels?

3 months
6 months
9 months
1 year
More than 1 year


October 12, 2005

Navy buys Workskiffs

Aluminum boat builder Workskiff ,Inc., of Burlington, Wash., was recently selected by the U.S. Navy to build six oil spill response boats and two utility boats in the 19 ft to 25 ft range.

The boats will be used for services that include preventative booming of ships to contain accidental fuel or oil discharges, oil spill cleanup operations, general ports and waterways duties, routine harbor maintenance and cleanup duties, as well as augmenting requirements for patrol, rescue, fire fighting and picket duties.

Workskiff boats are constructed of marine grade 5086 aluminum. Full-depth longitudinal girders are used in an integrated double bottom construction. Wide self-bailing floors and twin fuel tanks are included.

The 19 ft, 21 ft and 23 ft work boats are powered by single 150 hp to 225 hp outboard engines. The 25 ft work boats are powered by twin 115 ft to 150 hp outboard engines. All models are outfitted with large consoles or walk through pilot houses, leaning box seats, tow bits, engine crash guards, rubber guard rail, hydraulic steering, and12VDC electrical systems with electronics packages.

Workskiff, Inc. says all its boats are unsinkable.