How long will it take Gulf Coast shipyards to return to pre-Katrina activity levels?

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6 months
9 months
1 year
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October 8, 2005

Donjon working round the clock on Gulf clean up

Donjon Marine, Co., Inc., Hillside, N.J, continues to work round the clock in the Gulf Coast region on post-hurricane marine salvage

Donjon's 1,000-ton-capacity derrick barge the Chesapeake, the largest floating crane on the U.S. East Coast, was recently at work in Venice, Louisiana, lifting 85-foot fishing boats displaced by the hurricane.

While Donjon is the lead Salvage Contractor for the Katrina Response as a result of its U.S. Navy Salvage and Related Services Contract, the company has contracted many American Salvage Association (ASA) and non-ASA Marine Salvors in support of the overall response. ASA members T&T Marine, Resolve Marine, Bisso Marine, and Titan Maritime, as well as others, are busy in the region as salvage subcontractors to Donjon.