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October 6, 2005

Wartsila power for Keppel FELS Maersk units

Wartsila Corporation has been awarded contracts worth over Euros 50 million (about $60 million) by Singapore's Keppel FELS Ltd. Semisubs will have Wartsila gensets and thrusters

They cover 32 diesel generating sets to power four jack-up rigs and two semi-submersible drilling platforms. Wartsila will also supply steerable thrusters for the semi-submersible platforms.

The rigs and platforms are being built at Keppel FELS for A.P. Moller--Maersk A/S. The first of the jack-up rigs is due for delivery in the fourth quarter 2007, and the semi-submersible platforms are due to be delivered in 2008 and 2009.

The four jack-up rigs are of Marine Structure Consultants CJ50 design. They can operate in water depths of up to 106.7 m, and drill high-pressure wells down to 9144 m. The main power supply on each rig will be provided by four eight-cylinder Wartsila 26 generating sets with a combined electrical output of 9600 kWe.

For these jack-up rigs, the Wartsila generating sets have the benefits of compact dimensions for their power output and an excellent load-response capability for the rapidly changing electrical load when drilling.

The two semi-submersible drilling platforms are of the DSS 21 design developed by Keppel and Marine Structure Consultants. They are to be employed for development drilling in deep water up to 3000 m deep and are designed for year round operation in regions such as off West Africa, Brazil, Gulf of Mexico and South East Asia.

Each semi-submersible will have a dynamic positioning system with eight electrically-driven Wartsila Lips steerable thrusters. The platforms will also be able to be attached to a pre-laid mooring system. The semi-submersible platforms will each be equipped with eight 16-cylinder Wrtsil 26 generating sets having a combined electrical output of 38,720 kWe.

Keppel FELS is already experienced with Wartsila generating sets and thrusters in previous rigs and platforms it has built Four previous jack-up rigs were each equipped with five six-cylinder Wartsila 26 generating sets. Also for a previous platform Wartsila supplied five 12-cylinder Wartsila 26 generating sets and an outfit of steerable thrusters.